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SOD·Chewable Tablets

SOD Chewable Tablets

What is SOD Chewable Tablets

A patented formula for extracting SOD raw materials from natural melons. SOD is the most important enzyme in cells. It is mainly used to neutralize free radicals called superoxide in cells and prevent free radicals from triggering more free radicals. It is a very effective and powerful antioxidant.

Pomegranate tannin





Revivify® Superoxide Dismutase [SOD] Chewable Tablets 500 enzyme units(Highly Effective Formula)is an effective formulation containing a patented raw-material of natural melon source. SOD is the cell's first primary enzyme that requires to neutralize cell's first free radical known as Superoxide. That means SOD Chewable tablets act on first produced free radicals and allow not to initiate progression of more free radicals one after another.


SOD enzyme dismutase combined two free radicals of Superoxide into Hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is relatively stable and is needed for all cellular signaling process. It is a very important molecule to communicate all over the body cells. That means SOD Chewable tablets is essential for all intra-cellular as well as extra-cellular communication activities, and avoid all kind of diseases.


One of the important aspects of SOD is to keep cell stress free, including cells responsible for immunity. That means SOD Chewable Tablets are essential to boost up immune system to fight bacteria and virus. The virous are not a living molecule and that are not always effective to antibiotics. The most appropriate way to fight virus is to improve your own immunity and SOD Chewable Tablets are the best choice. 


Revivify® SOD Chewable Tablets 500, with the highly effective formula, each tablet is enriched with 500 SOD active enzyme units. Normally healthy bodies need 200-300 active units of SOD per day. Suboptimal health people need approximately twice as much as healthy bodies, and sick people need approximately three times as much as healthy people. The Revivify® SOD Chewable Tablets 500 can directly and effectively supplement the SOD required by human bodies; it is applicable to a wider range of people.


SOD is a very potent and effective antioxidant. It improves cellular regenerations and rebuilds damaged cells, and covers diverse functionality pertaining to cellular oxidative stress. The product REVIVIFY SOD chewable tablets possesses all these beneficial properties, which enables you to maintain good health with immunity.


Free Radical Damage is Everywhere


Skin is The Body’s First Line of Defense

Smogt, Screen,

Ultraviolet Ligh

Redness Sensitive Skin

Lack of Rest

Damaged Skin,

Dark Yellow and Dull

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